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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've realized that recently I have been posting a bit more than usual, which I like. However, I have also noticed that most of the posts are not about anything good...
Most of the time recently I haven't been in an exceedingly joyous mood. It's always one problem right after another, and that is life I guess. It doesn't really help though to know that the people I was once close with are slowly drifting away. I often try to maintain what we have, but there comes a point where I just drop it altogether.
I actually feel quite lonely a lot of the time now, no matter how many people are around. Perhaps it's just me - after having my hope crushed and trust broken repeatedly several weeks ago, and then having a close friend remover themselves from my life because I did not want to discuss my problems at the time.

Most of the time nowadays I will spend the mornings outside Reid Cafe, as usual, then move and lock myself in our MCW lounge and do whatever - for instance today I was in there alone for most of the day and I actually started to clean the room up. What I'm thinking now is... this week is Multicultural Week, so after this week, will I go back to Reid Cafe? It's strange to be using the Multicultural Week Lounge after the events are finished, no?

I'm Kel, and this is my story~

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